Albert Hall: Nottingham, UK.

IT is only 2 years since regulars at the Binns Organ summer recitals enjoyed the playing of Ahreum Han. The fact that she was not only asked back so soon but even invited to give this year’s Anniversary Recital, an exceptional honour for so young a performer, shows the impression she made on her first visit. Her star quality was just as evident this time.

In an entertaining programme ranging from Bach through a Weber transcription, Mendelssohn and Stanford to Vierne and Cochereau and a virtuoso novelty piece by Thomas Heywood, she displayed much of what the versatile Binns instrument can do. Most of her pieces were performed from memory – an impressive feat in itself – and this gave her playing a heartfelt depth and vitality, reflected in the way her whole body seemed to express the contours of the music, as we could see thanks to the big screen projection. An overheard comment, ‘She is so at one with the music,’ seemed to say it all.

Han’s effortless command of technique and the remarkable sensitivity she was able to express through her playing made each piece she played memorable, and left no doubt that hers is a talent to watch.

Grahame Whitehead